Monday, November 26, 2007

Late but great Halloween pics

Like a good little blogging mommy I realized I needed to post the pics from Halloween of my chillins. This year was especially fun since Paige is now sorta understanding all the wierd holiday traditions that we parents subject our children to ie, costumes and trickortreating, santa, gorging on Thanksgiving, you get what I mean. It was also a little weird because this year it was actually really nice weather for Halloween. I cant remember a Halloween in Utah that I wasnt freezing my booty off while trying to participate in outdoor activities. So I actually took them out instead of making my husband go without me.

Braiden is apparently getting too old to dress up as the cartoon or movie characters that we usually do. Last year he was Yoda. This year he told me he wanted to be something "gross and bloody". This coming from my child who almost passed out when he accidentally witnessed the bloody scene at the end of Greys Anatomy last week. (You know you watch that show) So anyway, with the help of his stepmom he created this "Run over skater" costume. Pretty creative, I thought, and he liked it. I told him thats the closest he will ever come to having real tattoos so he should enjoy it while it lasts.

Paige was a lady bug and a very cute one at that. She wanted to wear that costume all week and I let her since I paid 25 bucks for it. She may as well wear it as long as possible. She was a little timid at the Trick or Treating thing but after a couple houses and seeing all the other kids on the street, she got the hang of it. She was so sweet and could not believe that people were just GIVING her all these "treats". We hit our entire street and she wanted to just keep going.

Cameron (our little punkin) hung at home with dad and handed out candy. Later my sister Bonnie came over with her 2 little "ghouls". Hehe. Abby is a fairy who had just finished a very blue sucker and Baylee was a lobster. We had a rough time getting them to all cooperate for this pic but you get the idea.
Isnt is amazing how quickly candy just disappears when mom isnt looking? Hmmm. Thats ok cause little do they know that mom was making it disappear even faster. Haha.


Whitney said...

I love your blogs!! I'm addicted!! haha

Brenda said...

Cute, cute! My sis-in-law had the same ladybug costume for her two girls. I love it!