Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More pics as promised

As I promised, here are the pics from my trip to visit Tamara in Washington. She took Cameron and I on our first ferry ride from Bremerton to Downtown Seattle which is a very cool way to commute if you have the time. It was pretty cold and very windy but beautiful nonetheless. We spent the other days walking the mall and scouring WalMart for the perfect diaper bag. We did about all we could while toting two little newborns. Never thought I would have to feed my child in a WalMart parking lot or mall lounge area. Tamara is a very cute mommy. You can tell she is a first timer because she is so very "by-the-book" still. She even had a few things to teach me. I guess my parenting skills have gotten a little rusty. Haha. Gotta love her and that little Marissa is a sweety. That hair is amazing. Tamara can barely keep it under control. Mike says she looks like Sonic Hedgehog in the morning. Wow! Her daddy better keep the baseball bat handy.

Tamara's beautiful house and the Seattle City Skyline.

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