Friday, October 12, 2007

A Proud Mommy Moment...

Little Paige surprised me the other day when she came to me wearing nothing but her "pull-ups" and said she needed to go peepee. This being the umpteenth time she had done this, I didnt take her all too seriously but nonetheless, I went with her to the potty and sure enough, to my utter awe and amazement, she got this look of ultimate concentration on her face and, then it came... she went peepee. I was so proud of her I literally got tears in my eyes. We went running out to where Daddy was and announced her accomplishment and guess what... Daddy got tears in his eyes too. ha! i called me mom to tell her all about it and she laughed and said she lived for the day that her daughters would get excited about peepee in the potty! What can I say? Good job Paigey!!

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