Sunday, November 17, 2013


By September, football season is in full swing, preparations are happening for the last birthday of the year for the kids (whew) and we are trying to get in the swing of school and stuff.  This year, September also brought another addition to our family, Baby West, and some good times by the pool.  I absolutely love that the weather stays warm here for so long.  September is when the heat starts getting a little more bearable, and the combination of wind and shade can get a tiny bit chilly but I will take it.

Delaney joined us for the Desert Hills v Kanab game.  She wasnt really sure who to cheer for but it all turned out fair.  Freshman football has proven to be very different than little league in the sense that they really hold the athletes to a high standard and expect them to be responsible and dedicated in representing their sport and the school.  Braiden did a great job keeping up his grades and being a team player.
Braiden's family are his biggest fans.  The kids are still a little more interested in running around under the bleachers and raiding the snack stand than they are in the game but I think eventually they will come around.  Max has shown a particular interest in football. I am even getting pretty good at understanding football and rather enjoy it, even if I have to do time in the concessions stand a couple times during the season.  I especially love watching my son do something he really loves.  


September 10th was Cameron's 6th birthday!  His party this year was kind of a last minute, thrown together thing since we just moved to a new place and really didn't have any friends to invite.  Luckily, however, Cameron isn't quite at the stage of caring what his party is as long as it consists of games, pizza and his family (wouldn't it be nice if it stayed that way forever?) so Pirate Island Pizza saved the day again!  Braiden invited a couple of his buddies, we had my mom and Ray and the rest of the family...wallah!  A perfect 6 year old party!

Ok, so I will be the first to admit that this looks scandalous, at best.  Don't be fooled, we are good girls. But...that's what I love about these ladies.  For my trip to Salt Lake in September the company paid for a hotel and you better believe we took FULL advantage of those accommodations and amenities.   The ladies came and joined me for an evening of food, fun and hot-tubbing.  I hope that we will forever be able to act like teenagers. It will be the only thing that keeps me young...and sane. 

Next up!  Baby West Joe Watson was born to Ben and Jenice on September 16th.  He was a whopping 6lbs 7oz and 18.5 inches long.  Just a widdle guy.  He has the cutest little chin.  Ben and Jenice's babies are very squishy..  I just love my little "Squishies".

We spent pretty-much every weekend at the park and the pool that we could.  All three of the little kids were able to really sharpen their swimming abilities, even Max.  He still requires floaties, but he isnt afraid to get in the pool and just kick around all by himself.  That could be a bad thing too but he is well on his way to becoming a little fishy. 

September's Favorite Selfies and Randoms


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