Sunday, October 20, 2013

Her Baptism Day

The highest HIGHLIGHT of June was Paige's Baptism day.
We had her pictures done in May in her baptism dress.  It was a gorgeous day at Thanksgiving Point.  The sun was perfect and the flowers, oh my, the flowers were so perfect. Seeing her in that gorgeous white dress and posing for a camera made my heart swell with happiness but also the realization that it wont be terribly long before we will be right back in the same place in her next white dress with that same gorgeous smile and silly attitude, while she poses for the camera again...

My Baptism 
Today I took a closer step
to be with Heavenly Father.
I humbly walked down five white steps
and into clean, clear water.
My loving daddy took my hand
to help me stand up straight-
Just as he has through all my life
till now when I am eight.
My daddy showed me what to do-
breath deep, then hold your nose-
And baptized me with priesthood power
and smiled when I arose.
Tomorrow I'll take another step
to be with Heavenly Father.
My daddy, uncles, grandpas, too,
will all around me gather.
They'll lay their hands upon my head,
bless me, and say, "Amen,"
Then the Holy Ghost will be my guide

If I but follow Him.

(Friend, May 1996, p.46)

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