Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bye Bye Birdie

 For a few months now we have been watching this mama bird build a nest in our pergola in the back yard.  Well, apparently there were baby birds in it and they were ready to leave the nest...right onto our patio.

Paige and Cameron had a ball watching these baby birds hop around the back yard and even got so brave as to touch them.  Paige gave them water and even tried to find bugs to feed them.

All the while the mammy bird was flying in circling over our heads.  She was not happy.  

This particular baby bird was the pudgiest one and didn't try to hop away much so he became Paige's favorite.  They really wanted us to go buy a cage to put them in so we could keep them. 

There were 4 total birds in the nest.  Two were on the patio and these 2 eventually jumped out of the nest into the tree. 

We eventually put the birds on the fence and they flew away.  I couldn't bare to leave them on our patio to be eaten by the neighborhood cats.  It was a fun experience for the kids to experience a little bit of nature and to see that its better to let baby birds fly free than to put them in a cage. 

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Whitney Parry said...

SO fun for the kids.. PS. Paige looks so grown up in these pics. She actually looks a lot like you in there pics.