Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ben done gradumucated! Good job Sheriff Watson!

My little bro Ben graduated from UVU Police Academy on May 11th.  He was one of the lucky and few to have a job right out of school.  He was hired over a month before by the Duchesne County Sheriff Dept. so they have moved to the utterly far away and remote Roosevelt, UT!  Its too far and we miss them too much but they are happy and we are very proud of him and Jenice for their hard work to get to this point.

He looks so growed up!

McCoy is obsessed with the "Shield".  It was pretty cute.

Family gathering at moms house.  I think this is the only family pic we have in a couple years.  Too bad I am 1.5 my usual self!

Grandma and her chicks!

Mom and the sibs


Leah said...

Oh Amy you are too cute! Congrats to you brother. That is so awesome that he was hired before he even graduated. Lucky guy!

Whitney Parry said...

sweet blog man... Thanks for posting those pics. I have been wanting a copy!

JeN!cE said...

Thanks Amy. This is great. Totally stole the family pics. Thanks again! LOVE YOU