Saturday, July 31, 2010

Its a Small World Afterall....

June 9-14, 2010 marked the Erickson Family's one and only trip to Disneyland...this year. 
Yes, its sad but true that we will only be able to do a family trip to D-land once this year due to other plans that will take all our time (and money) this year. 

So the first day I flew in with Braiden and Paige and we spent a day at Disneyland and then the next day we caught a bus to SeaWorld.  SeaWorld is pretty fun but also pretty pricey for what you get if you ask me...however; the kids always love it.  There is something about smelly fish and giant sea mammals that amazes them.  So...its all about them anyway, right?

The first day we spent at Disneyland, we ran into out neighbor friends, the Webbs, so we hung out with them the rest of the say and had a great time!  Little Riley Webb and Paige are little buddies and had a blast together.  We saw the Fairy Godmother, Mary Poppins, Jasmine and Aladdin, ate turkey legs and had a great time!

Eric got there the second day with Cameron and we stayed for 3 more days at Disneyland. 

This year seemed to be different for Cameron.  He is getting to the age where he is super excited about Disney and all it has to offer for little people like him.  We bought the Disneyland Soundtrack not too long ago which the kids love listening to so they know every song. 

Cameron Loved Pirates of the Caribbean and The Monster's Inc Adventure the most...he is most definitely a boy!  He sang all the way through It's a Small World and Loved every second of the Teacups (ugh).

So something I learned this go 'round with Disneyland?   Never go when there is some major attraction or show making its debut there.  The World of Color show at California Adventure had its opening night (which we did not get to see due to the disgusting wait times) while we were there.  The place was crazy...even for me and I am pretty tolerant of Disney crowds. 

We ended up spending alot of time at the Paradise Pier Hotel where we stayed and hang out by the pool alot.  It was fun and as always, worth it.

Till next time (that would be September for me when I return to run the Disneyland Half Marathon with Bonnie and case you were wondering)!

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