Friday, March 06, 2009

My little Big Guy!

Cameron is just a few days shy of 18 months (yeah) and is turning into a little boy and losing his "baby-ness" more and more every day. He now weighs 31 pounds and looks like the average 2 year old. He is such a sweetheart and loves to give loves and cuddle. I can happily brag that all my babies have been very cuddly and Cameron is no exception. However he is definitely learning how to push my buttons and can throw a tantrum like no other.
He is beginning to say more words and attempting the art of communication. I needed to record some of the things he is saying before it leaves my slippery mind:


"Hi-EE"= Hi Eddie (He says it while petting our dog Eddie so I can only assume that's what he is saying)

"Down"=he says that when we wants up or down

"Done"=when he is done eating

"Num-num"= he wants food

"bepee"= sippy



So he is saying quite a bit but I still cant get him to say mama. I will keep working on him.

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