Monday, February 25, 2008

The Pizza Festiva Elite 8!!

If any of you didn't know, my family owns a restaurant in American Fork called Cobblestone Cafe and Pizzeria. It has been open for 2 years and is doing very well. We are looking at franchising in the next year. It has not been an easy road by any means but we are proud of it.

My mom decided to enter Cobblestone into a Best Gourmet Pizza Competition sponsored by the International Pizza Expo (yes, there is such a thing). There are hundreds of people that enter their pizza recipes into this contest and only 8 are sent on to the final bake off. The Pizza Festiva Elite 8!! Keep in mind this is a national competition. Well guess who made it into the final 8!!! COBBLESTONE CAFE BABY!!! They liked our Macho Nacho pizza. Funny thing is, I have never liked that pizza. It is our own creation and is pretty inventive and very popular at the store but its pretty spicy.

So on to the International Pizza Expo we go April 1-3 to participate in the prelims and finals. My mom will be the chef and will have my bro-in-law Luke as her assistant. The prize will be $5000 and recognition in Pizza Today Magazine. Sweet! This is HUGE for a little homestyle place like ours. Wish us luck and come see us sometime!

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