Sunday, December 09, 2007

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!!

Last week we had the first real big snow of the season. Since then we have had even more but its always interesting to see how the world seems to change and everyones attitudes seem to change with the weather, including my own. Last week also marked my first week back to work after having Cameron so I have had to adjust and it has been a little hard to get into the spirit of the season.

It never fails that the first day that it really snows, there are hundreds of accidents and people driving like they have never seen snow before. Probably many of them havent but for the most part, safe snow driving skils are not something that should be forgotten in a matter of a year. Nevertheless, you always see cars sliding all over the roads and stuck in snow banks.
I think that, in many ways, can be compared to how we tend to forget, in a matter of months, what the Christmas season is all about and the feelings of togetherness and appreciation for eachother that it brings. I am always reminded over the holidays how grateful i am for a great family, a wonderful husband, beautiful, healthy kids, a nice, warm, house to keep my kids safe in, a good stable job, and of course the gospel and the guidance that it gives us.

There couldnt be a more appropriate time to be grateful for all those things, I just wish that I
was better about remembering them during the not so festive times of the year when its harder to remember our blessings. So we broke out the Christmas tree, artificial one, of course, and spent an evening dolling up the house in true holiday fashion.
I love the snow, even though I am a California girl at heart and will always miss the beach and the sun . Utah has been so good to me, I have to remind myself that the BEST times of my life have been here.
When I went outside to take the picture of our house covered with snow I took one step onto the walk and landed, boom, right on my rear end. I have the bruise to prove it. Paige wanted me to also take a picture of HER house in the snow.

Braiden and Paige wasted no time in breaking out the winter apparel and going sledding down our drive way. They love getting all bundled up even though its really not that cold. I mean this it utah. Not Minnesota. Its a good thing they did becuase within 2 days the snow was melted away. Paige looks so cute with her giant pink snow boots. They crack me up.

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Brenda said...

We took our Christmas pictures outside in bare feet. I do miss the view of snow falling from my window. Looks like fun!