Saturday, March 01, 2014

February 2014: Jonathan & Victoria

Little Jonny gets HITCHED!!

My little brother-from-another-mother Jonny got married in February!  Road trip with BEN and Braiden!  That alone was worth the trip.  We had a blast.

Day before the wedding.  We had a lovely dinner with all the siblings, parents and grandparents that were in town.

It was a gorgeous, warm day in Los Angeles.

The reception was in Etiwanda at a church building.  I was amazed at the transformation for this reception.  It was so cool.

My dad and Uncle Tim.  These guys are pretty funny. I don't see a resemblance, do you?  

A great shot of all the older siblings that were there.  We were just missing Whitney and Paul!  Its only going to get more and more difficult to get us all in the same room as time goes on.  I am hoping that soon, we can get a picture with all 12 of us.

And of course, a given that we had to take a day to hit Disneyland.  It was particularly fun to go with my brother and Braiden. 

Congratulations you crazy kids.  
We love you.

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