Saturday, September 28, 2013

March 2013...are we there yet?

I am perpetually 6 months behind on this blog thing but I must catch up, I must. 
March was a super busy month for us...actually March, April, May, June and the beginning of July were really crazy months...thus the reason why I cant seem to catch up. goes.

March 8th was my 10th Anniversary.  Since we first got married I have been blabbering about what we will do to celebrate that grand 10th anniversary...will it be a cruise, a visit to some tropical island, a European getaway?!?!?  No.  We decided to go to Springdale, UT...with the whole family.  Don't get me was for a good reason.  Springdale was a little stop on the way to the lovely Kanab where Delaney lives.  Since I had met Delaney only a couple weeks before and then told Braiden about her, he was getting anxious to meet her so we just did it.
It was great! The cruise will have to wait till our 20th. 

Delaney's family was quite gracious once more and let us come hang out with the fam for the day and even spend the night there after staying a bit too late. The kids had a great time meeting their sister for the first time (even though they didn't quite yet understand the concept that she was actually their sister).

These are the first pictures that I have of all my kids together.  Delaney handled all this amazingly well. I cant even imagine what this is all like for her.

The following week in March was the first week of the year where it finally felt like Spring was coming.  We decided to take the kids to downtown SLC and walk the new City Creek Shopping Center and visit Temple Square. That was a beautiful day and the kids had a great time seeing that beautiful place.  This was actually the first time my kids had seen the SLC Tabernacle...for shame.

My mom treated us girls to a fun glass blowing class at Thanksgiving Point.  It was really cool...I mean...really hot, but really cool.

And of course, Easter. 

I wanted to give this picture extra special attention since, not only is it a great pic of me and my immediate family, but my brother-in-law insisted on making it so extra special with his little photo bomb.  Happy Easter, Ashton.

And we cant forget March's favorite randoms

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