Sunday, September 29, 2013

April was beautiful

Delaney turned 18 on April 11th.  The highlight of April was a trip down to surprise her with her first meeting of her Birth-Dad.  

These first 'meetings' were a pretty cool experience.  The difference for him is that he had never even seen her when she was a baby...only in pictures.

We all spent the day together in Zion National Park along with Delaney's family, stopping at the sand dunes and for lunch on the way.  It was so beautiful there. 

Delaney posing for the camera. 

Kim hooked up Braiden and I with some sweet Kanab sweatshirts.

A couple weeks later, I got a last minute call that Delaney had a choir competition up near us so if we wanted to come see her, we were invited.  So I gathered up the troops and we headed over.  My mom and sisters met her for the first time.  We watched her sing, ate at McDonalds and hung out for a couple hours.

April's Favorite Randoms

I just love this picture.

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