Saturday, May 11, 2013

40 years ain't so bad...

November 2012 marked the 40th anniversary of Eric's other words, one foot is now officially in the grave.  What better way to preserve his youth than to go to Disneyland...without kids.  Yes!

To top that fun off, I set up a little surprise to have Eric's BFF/mission companion, Brett, from Arizona and his lovely wifey, Whitney, meet us there...totally incognito.

We spent a day at Disney and that evening, they knocked on our hotel door and Eric was completely SURPRISED.  He had no idea.  It was so perfect. 

Eric and I have this little thing we do where we take a picture of him with every character we come across at Disneyland...the trick is, we don't wait in line.  In each of these pictures, you can see a character.  It may be about 50 yards away but they are there.  Get out your magnifying glass.  HA!  I love it. We don't wait in no stinkin lines.

Selfys and randoms.

I dont pay for no stinkin ride cam pictures...ha!

Here turkey, turkey.

Ok, maybe we will wait in a line for Mickey.

Last night there, trees were lit.  A little snow happening on Main St USA. Loved it!

Happy Birthday to you Eric!

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