Saturday, November 05, 2011

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeen! (in a deep spooky voice)

Halloween Festivities!

One of my huge "Thankfuls" is that I have a husband that will carve pumpkins with my kids when I won't because I HATE the smell and texture of pumpkin innards.  I cant do it.  I gag.  These guys are getting pretty good at making some sweet Jack-O-Lanterns.  Can you guess which one is Braidens?

The Friday before Halloween I had my friends over for some food, football and white trash costume fun.  The People of Walmart was the theme. These guys are hilarious.  I especially loved the the pregnant lady in the morph suit.

Paaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrttyyyy in Roosevelt!

My brother moved his cute little fam to Roosevelt, UT in April this year and I had not been out to see them yet so I decided to make the jaunt there, just me and the kids, for their little Halloween Party.  Its about 140 miles from my house but it took 3.5 hours to get there between all the bathroom stops and getting stuck behind a horse trailer going 25.  It was fun as their parties always are and so good to see little McCoy, or should I say, Mini Elvis. 

Lets just say, he was not having it.  That costume stayed on for about 8 minutes.

I swear if Braiden was ever something "normal" again I would die of shock.  The morph suit thing is apparently all the rage this year.  He told people was was "The Invisible Man".

Theres my sweet boy!

We caught a cute snapshot of Paige at he school Halloween Parade.  They walked to fast it was almost impossible but I got her, wrinkles and all!

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