Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Adventures 2011 part 2

As previously mentioned, the summer so far has been pretty busy, what with the arrival of kid #4 and all.  The hardest part of all of it has been trying to keep the kids entertained while running on 4 or less hours of sleep and keeping a newborn fed, clean and happy at the same time. Don't get me wrong, we spend lots of days at home playing in the plastic pool in the back yard and renting Redbox movies but these are some of the things the kids have been able to do so far.

We spent a day at the Hogle Zoo a few weeks ago.  I wanted the kids to have it fresh in their head so they could compare it to the San Diego Zoo.  The local aquarium is a favorite too but I don't have any pics (too dark in there).

Paige is a little water-baby.  She loves putting on her swimsuit, playing in any body of water, and being wet.  The Gateway Mall in downtown Salt Lake has a splash pad that she loves.  She gets so excited I have to remind her to slow down so she doesn't run into anyone or slip and fall. 

And then there was Cameron... He on the other hand, hates getting wet.  He will toy with the idea but if anyone splashes him, that's it, he is done.  While Paige was in Heaven, Cameron stayed dry with Max.

Whitney and Ashton decided to have a niece and nephew sleep-over one weekend.  The kids loved it and so did we.  It was really nice to have some peace and quiet and the kids had a BLAST! 

The kids went crazy rolling down the grass hill.  They were super itchy afterward.  Now they know why MOM never lets them do that.

Braiden and Uncle Ashton.

We celebrated all the July birthdays on July 31st when my grandma happened to be in town.  My sister Bonnie and her daughter Abby's birthday is the 30th and Baylees b-day is the 28th.  Max also met Grandma Lundberg for the first time.

The girls took Bonnie out for a night of shopping and eating for her b-day.  We ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (on National Cheesecake Day, by the way). We very much enjoyed  the cheesecake...oh and hanging out was fun too.

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