Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Adventure 2011

School starts in 2 weeks.  The summer is almost over...I have mixed feelings about this.  It's most definitely time for the kids to go back to school.  They are bored and possibly getting dumber by the second with all the Nintendo DS and Sponge Bob they are currently taking in.  I have been on maternity leave all summer which I also have mixed feelings about.  Its been great to be home with my kids since, as a working mom, I don't get to do much of this.  However, since the very reason I am home with them keeps me very much on my toes, it has also been hard to be home.

I have had to think of every activity possible to try to keep them busy and entertained and keep myself sane.  We have done swimming lessons, dance camp, scout camp, the local zoo, the local aquarium, multiple trips to various parks, splash pads, McDonald's play places, and mall food courts and they seem generally satisfied with their activities this summer. 

And of course, since I am home we had to take advantage of this time and take a family trip to California to visit our very favorite place.  We decided to also throw in Sea World and San Diego Zoo while we were there.  Are we crazy for doing all this with a 5 week old baby?  Yes, a little.  It was not easy but we made it work and we had a really good time.   Think of it this way...we braved D-land on Christmas Day.  I dare say that after that we are able to do anything.  It takes colossal patience and a good attitude.  Both of which I had 93.4% of the time...good enough.
For me, a trip where the kids get to see fun and educational things while laughing and learning and spending time together as a family while we also avoided any major disasters along the way = a successful adventure.

After a couple days in the car our first stop for fun was the San Diego Zoo.  I remember this zoo from field trips in elementary school and I wanted my kids to see that there are zoos that are way bigger than the Hogle Zoo.  We had a good time despite the miles of uphill walking and the extremely humid climate.  Ugh! 

If you ask the kids they will probably tell you that what they remember about the zoo is bouncing on the giant trampolines.  Paige was even doing flips on these things.  Personally, my favorite part was the giraffes and the merekats.

The next day was Sea World.  We headed straight to the Shamu Show and the kids braved the very front "soak zone" row while Eric and I hung with the baby in the safe and dry zone.  All I can truly recall from that day was that it was stinking HOT!  The kids got nice and wet from the Shamu Show but Eric and I remained toasty.

I really think that this is the only picture I have with all 4 of my kids in it so far.  Its not easy to round up all 4 of them but this backdrop at Sea World was picture worthy.  Oh and I have to mention that Cameron is a goofball.

The kiddos show off their loot on the way out of Sea World.
So long to Sea World for at least another 5 years or so.

(I mean, is there really any other reason to go to California, anyway??...jk) 

Day 1 at Disney was for California Adventure.  We did the new Little Mermaid ride which was great.  It is really cute and thankfully the wait wasn't terrible.  There was also the Ferris Wheel, Monsters Inc, Bugs Land, and the Tower of Terror for Braiden and Eric (Paige and I don't do Tower of Terror).

That night in the tram on the way to the car the kids were getting extremely slap happy.  I caught these pics while they were playing some silly game.  Its amazing how they can have so much energy after 10 hours at Disneyland.

Day 2 of Disney I didn't take many pictures but what I did take were real gems.  Don't the kids just look thrilled

Paige is finally tall enough to ride the Indiana Jones Ride.  These are a couple of pics I took of her expressions during the ride.  Needless to say, she was terrified and will probably never do it again. 

Day 3 was a combination of Disneyland and California Adventure trying to get every last thing in that we could.  The kids got their giant pickles (ew) and Cameron finally crashed about early evening.  I really wanted to crawl into that stroller and join him.

So WHAT WAS MAX DOING THIS WHOLE TIME?  See above.  Pretty much just sleeping, eating and pooping.  He has since developed a strong hate for his car seat after spending so much time in it.  He did pretty well, all things considered.  It is not easy to tote a newborn around like we did but it all worked  out.  At least I can positively say that I will never have to do it again.

The drive home was looooooooooong.

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