Saturday, January 22, 2011

You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!

We are scheduled in 1 week to have an ultrasound with my doctor but, as luck would have it, we were in the mall today and walked past Fetal Studios (like Fetal Fotos).  Eric and I both looked at eachother and knew what the next step was going to be.  We couldnt wait any longer to find out the gender of our baby. 
We were both pretty sure we knew what we were having and needless to say...



Spine (baby was curled in a little ball when we first disturbed the slumber).

We were both wrong. 

Its 100%, without a doubt, a boy.

You get what you get and you dont throw a fit. We both also knew that no matter what it was we are so excited to have another baby. Paige pouted for a few minutes at the news that she wasn't going to have a sister but then I told her that she would be the Princess forever and her brothers would be her protectors, and she was fine.

Now we just have to think of a name.

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Whitney Parry said...

I am so excited for my new nephew! Congrats Ericksons!