Sunday, December 06, 2009

Summer Fun

Last July we took a weekend and devoted it doing fun summer things...we just dont do enough of that. So we borrowed our good friends kids, Whitney and Kobe, who coincidentally are the exact ages of Paige and Braiden and are the best of friends and took them to the good old Hogle Zoo. I am a closet zoo fan. I really love taking my kids to the zoo becuase they LOVE the stinky animals and I LOVE seeing them wonder in amazement and them. We saw monkeys, elephants, giraffes, penguins, zebras, bears, a very pregnant and MeerKat and lots of very stinky birds and spiders. It was pretty fun and a welcomed break for Whitney and Kobe's mom.

That very same evening we took a field trip up to Park City and ate Mexican food and swam at our hotel (that is, until Kobe threw up in the pool which caused them to have to drain it. Needless to say, we hid. People were not very happy.) The next day we went to the Alpine Slides and took Paige and Cameron on the little roller coaster. They had a blast.

Today, its snowing outside and 25 degrees. Boy I already miss the summer. It will be back soon enough, I suppose and then I will be wishing for snow... I just cant be pleased.

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