Sunday, December 06, 2009


Every 4th of July and 24th of July we have our own little fireworks extravaganza right in our own driveway. No, we do not drive to Wyoming to spend hundreds of dollars on illegal fireworks and invite the entire neighborhood over to watch the show.

Its just us. Us and our Walmart fireworks. Eric takes on this alter-personality and becomes a pyro-maniac. Cant you see the crazed look in his eyes??
We all sit on our lawn chairs and watch Eric singe his eyebrows until its our turn to singe our eyebrows with the sparklers.

Generally the neighborhood kids come by and watch the "show" while Cameron and Paige cling onto my legs, scared to death of the flames. This year Braiden got to actually light a couple of the fireworks. I suppose every young boy has to experience his "right if passage" into pyromania and some time or another. I love that Eric tries so hard to make sure that we have a good time for every holiday. Pyromaniac or not...

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