Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh Heavens, my child is in the double digits!

Holy Moly, I have a 10 year old. Its official...I'm old. Oh I will get over it but really I cant believe it has been 10 years since Braiden was born. The time has gone by so fast, before i know it he will be 20.

I cannot believe how much Braid has changed in the last year. He went from looking like a little boy at 9 to looking like a 'tween at 10! He will likely be as tall or taller than me in the next couple years. Braiden is a smart, fun-loving, strong, and caring kid. I am so glad that he came to me.

There are days where i wonder if I can do it then there are days where I wonder how anyone could choose to never have kids. I Love you Braiden and I am so proud of the little man are becoming!!

To celebrate the occasion we had a party at Cobblestone with some friends and family. We had a great turn-out (Thanks everyone!) and Braiden made out like a bandit!!

Look closely, you will see "Happy 10th Braiden" scratched into the cake. (Didn't have time to decorate it. Had to make due.)
I also forgot candles so we had to pretend there were candles to blow out. Which really only facilitated Braiden's spitting all over the cake. Oh well. It was good anyway.

The kids had a great time eating and making a wonderful mess

Quinn and Teague came for the food. LOL!

Braiden's ever-prized new DC skate shoes he has been asking me to get for months. I have to take a moment and brag about the fact the I got the $65 shoes on eBay for 30!! Woot!!

Boys are so funny the way they all flock over the new toys like they are gold.

Don't worry Luke! I know you were just trying to be the favorite uncle by buying a 10 year old an air soft gun (YIKES!) but don't you worry. I will get you back when I take one of your girls out to get her belly button pierced!! Haha!

And last but not least! A present for me when my bestest friend Tamara showed up from Seattle to surprise me!! Ok really she came out to see her sister but I am so glad to see her!!

After the party I dropped Braiden off at his Dad's house and he gave me a hug and a kiss and said "That was the best birthday party EVER!" That's what makes it all worthwhile.

Happy Birfday Bubba!!

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