Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Mother's Day was rather hectic this year as I left that day to drive to California for a little jaunt (details to come in a future post). So we all met at Mimi's for their yummy breakfast. Food, Folks and Fun as McDonald's would say.

That dude in the picture with my mom is Rand, her new flame and hopefully her last. He is a nice guy and at this point "NICE" is our only requirement for a new step-dad. My mom says he's a good kisser too so I guess that's a bonus- for her.

My husband and kids, of course, gave me great hand-picked gifts for Mother's Day and I love that. Eric is always so good to me and he loves and respects me as a Mother and a Woman more than anyone I have ever known. I love that about him and I love that we have 3 AWESOME kids that make my life what it is.

To those I know who are mothers: Congratulations in taking on the world's most difficult yet rewarding "job" you can ever have. It's because of good mothers that there are ANY good people left in the world today. Thanks for telling your tales so that I can avoid a mistake here and there. We have to work together to assure that our babies make it out of teenage-hood alive. Go TEAM!!

To those I know who are not yet mothers: Get to know who YOU are before you try to bring children to your world. You can only love others when you have learned to love yourself first. When the time is right, it will happen and it will be the most AWESOME and EXHAUSTING challenge you have ever taken on. Don't sweat the small stuff because there will always be small stuff. Just love your children unconditionally and they will appreciate you for it someday.

I have known some of the most awesome mothers there are. I have a mom who worked her entire young life to take care of 4 kids on her own while trying to make her own life better. She taught me perserverance and patience. I have Grandmothers who are amazing examples of unconditional love.

I want to be like them.

Happy Mother's Day- hug your babies a little bit tighter tonight!

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