Sunday, April 05, 2009

Monkey Business

I have been meaning to post this for a while but I couldn't find the picture. I was going through the pics on my other camera that I thought were all eBay pictures and ---EUREKA!---I found it!

I was in the kitchen just doing my thing and when I heard some sounds of struggling and frustration coming from the back of the house. I initially peaked in Paige's room because I was sure Cameron was there but I did not see anything so I moved on to the next room. I was not having any success in finding him and the grunts were turning into screams.

So I decided to check Paige's room again and this time I actually went in and looked in the corner to find this:
Cameron was very intent on retrieving some item from behind Paige's bookshelf and ended up getting himself wedged back there and totally stuck!

I might not have thought this was so cute if he had not been waring the monkey pants. So I did the unthinkable that I know you are all guilty of...I left my child in distress, knowing he was safe, and ran for the camera. This was too funny not to record for posterity...or at least his wedding video!

If you are wondering, I did finally rescue him and he came out of it unscathed and has completely forgotten the entire incident...I think.

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