Tuesday, April 21, 2009

His, Mine, Ours

I love this picture.
For all those who may not know here is a brief history...
I was married in February 1998 and was divorced 3 years later. I had Braiden in May of 99 with Quinn. Quinn remarried Sara in January 2002 and they had Tatum in May 03 and Teague in March 07. I remarried Eric in March 03 and had Paige in June 05 and Cameron in September 07.
Its funny because Quinn and I actually get along very well. Sure separating was hard and we had to learn over a good year or two how to be nice to each other for Braiden's sake. But now we are even better friends truly than we were when we were married.
So this is a picture of Braiden and all his siblings. Its pretty funny how you can tell which ones come from different parents and Braiden is a perfect mix of all of them. One of my greatest hopes is that, although they don't all live together all the time is that they all grow up to be good friends because of their bond with their big brother.
They are pretty cute, arent they?


devri said...

Honey they are all beautiful.. What a great family you got going on!!!

I still need to email you a great photo of us!

Whitney Parry said...

I love that picture!!!

Brenda said...

I love it. Braiden sure is a lucky little dude!