Friday, September 05, 2008

Since August 19th cont'd...Happy Birthday to me!

August 24th marked the one year anniversary of my 30th birthday. Translation: I am 31. Officially in my 30's. Whoa. Although I have to say that this year was heck of alot more pleasant than last year. Not that my birthdays aren't always great days thanks to my awesome husband but being 9 months prego, 4o lbs overweight and swollen with elephantitis does not make for what I call a feel good day.
Eric surprised me with a little overnight getaway to Snowbird Lodge. It was such a surprise that I didn't even take my camera. Bummer because it was so beautiful there. We ate dinner at the restaurant in the Lodge and the next day we took the tram up to the top of the mountain and enjoyed the breath-taking views. I had never been there before but it was really a nice retreat. We brought the kids back some little things. Paige got the feather boa and the sword and gun were for Braiden. Somehow the interest in these gifts was a little backwards as Braiden ended up running around with the boa and Paige was so in to that pirate gun. Hmmmm.

We came home that afternoon and my family all came over for a Watson Birthday Bash. PS-Watson is my maiden name in case you didn't know. My family is great. They know me so well and I got some awesome birthday presents. A bonus surprise: My step-sister Christy was visiting from Kansas with her baby and she came to the party. It was so cool to see her and Zoey. Also my Brother Ben who has been living in Northern Cali for 3 months came home a week early and showed up to my party! Happy Birthday to me!!

Abby, Jenice, Ben, Paige, Christy

The three babies: Baylee, Zoey, Cameron. All born within weeks of each other.

Ben and Jenice

Whit and Ashton

Cameron the party animal squishing a banana in his hand.

Braiden wrote this cute little song for me for a birthday present and then stole my camera, which I had threatened his life about doing, then recorded him singing it. Its pretty cute so I couldn't get mad at him. There were, however, about 30 little takes on the camera from him trying to get it just perfect. Thanks Braiden. You are awesome!


devri said...

Hey slacker, don't you know I wake up everymorning to see if the Aims- posted anthing yet? A tear everymorning runs down my face...

Jk- but I do likey to see your posts... Sorry your daughter had tonsil issues, and happy 30 is again.

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday you old fart! Thank goodness I'll never be that old! Loved the birthday post and the post before with Paige made me want to cry for her! So glad she's okay!