Friday, September 05, 2008

Since August 19th cont'd...Goodbye to tonsils...

Well this actually happened on August 18th but still is blog worthy. Since we LOVE having surgery in our family so much we decided to have Paige get her tonsil and adenoids out as well as get tubes in her ears a week after I had an emergency appendectomy. Fun, FUN! I am absolutely sick to my stomach right now though because I had some precious pictures of Paige in the recovery room and some irreplacable video but something malfunctioned with my little camera and I LOST those pictures! FOREVER! ARGGGG. Oh well. Such is my luck with electronics. The following are all the other ones I did get that day though.
There is no agony comparable to knowing sending your child to experience pain. Although Paige was blissfully unaware of what was going on and thought we were at another version of Disneyland in the Primary Children's Pre-op waiting area, it was very hard to see her being wheeled off in her wagon to the OR with complete strangers. Doctors, yes, but still complete strangers. The same thought goes through your mind as when you drop your expensive clothes off at the dry cleaners (weird metaphor, I know). Will they treat your "stuff" with the care you would? Well in this case I have to say the Primary Children's Hospital is an amazing place. Those people have amazing and difficult job but I did not come across one person that I would not send my baby with. They took excellent care of her. And she only had tonsils out. I can't imagine anything beyond that and hope I never have to.
Anyway- she made it. All went well. I will never forget when about 20 minutes after they gave her some liquid Versed, she was laying in her wagon looking a little drunk and dazed, she looks up at Eric and said "Dad, I really like this place." Eric got tears in his eyes and almost got me there but I was so glad that she was happy an comfortable. Not scared.

Waiting in the check in area- totally clueless!

An ingenious way to get kids to breath to hear lung sounds- BUBBLES!!

The cutest little diaper bum in PCMC!

Walking down the hall with her "bubba". Braiden came with us and was such a good big brother.

Pre-op waiting room (Disneyland)
Playing with mask and stethoscope.

They do what with this bag of fluids?
Anxious parents waiting...

Paige was miserable which means we were miserable for the week after the surgery but we kept her nice a drugged up with Lortab. Dang I wish that wasn't dangerous and addictive. Its was heaven sent for little Paigey when she was in real pain. She gave us a hard time about not wanting to eat. What kind of kid doesn't want milkshakes and jello all day long? I am keeping my fingers crossed that we don't have to do it with Cameron but his chances aren't looking good. Maybe this coming year we wont have to go to the pediatrician twice a month?

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Jamie said...

Oh Gavin had his out when he was 2. It is so sad but they get through.