Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Highlights of 2007 for the Ericksons

For history's sake, here are the highlights for the Ericksons from 2007:

January: Found out we were expecting a baby after only a month of trying.

February: We were able to get our basement finished which doubled the size of our house and made life much more livable, especialy with 3 kids.

March: Eric and I had our 4th anniversary. Went to Disneyland for 4 days with the kids and had a blast as always.

April: Found out we were expecting a boy!! Gwen Stephani concert with my sisters. (So fun)

May: Braiden turned 8 on May 20th.

June: Braiden was baptized and Paige turned 2.

July: Eric and I went to Las Vegas for a marriage enrichment seminar with our good friends and had a great time. My sister Bonnie had her little baby Baylee on the 31st.

August: I had my 30th Birthday on the 24th. Finally sold our Sequioa! Total Blessing.

September: Cameron joined us on the 10th! I started a 3 month maternity leave. We had the inside of our house painted. Yeah, no more white!

October: I went to Washington to visit my best friend Tamara and her new baby, Marissa. Another trip to Disneyland for all of us including Cameron. Yes, we love Disneyland.

November: BYU/Utah Game (BYU KICKED BUTT). Thanksgiving at my house. Visit from my step sister Christy who lives in Kansas and her new baby Zoey!

December: Snow, Snow, Snow and more snow. Holiday activites with the kids. Kurt Bestor concert at Abravanel Hall. Dentist visit yields NO CAVITIES! Yeah for me!

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Brenda said...

That's a great re-cap! I love it!