Saturday, May 03, 2014

April 2014: Real life sets in...sorta

So April is over and we are somewhat settled in our new diggs, I can start blogging regularly (snicker)...until I dont.  I have been able to keep myself surprisingly up to date so lets see if it lasts.

Paige and Cameron have quickly and nicely settled into their new schools. That was probably the  hardest part about this change and the timing and they have done really well.

Spring has SPRUNG!
~EASTER 2014~

Good times with my good friends!
~Chvurches Concert @ The Depot~

What's Braiden been up to?

I stole these pictures off Braidens Twitter account as that seems to be the only way I can get pictures of him these days.  He has been able to run track for Willow Creek Middle School and seems to love it.  There's no doubt he is fast.


Notice the Easter Sunday pictures of the kids gathered around the tiny little kiddie table?  Well that's what we have been using for about 6 weeks since moving in.  I love this table.  It fits perfectly.

Reunion with my College Besties!
We all met as roommates in college in Fall of 1995.
Look at us now!


An exciting Announcement!
My sister Bonnie is expecting a new little one in September and its a BOY!!

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