Monday, July 01, 2013

January Adventures (Fairy style)

I love this picture.  We don't get this many of us all together terribly frequently.  We are missing Christy, Julie, Bonnie and Ben.  8 out of 12 aint bad! (taken in January 2013 on our trek to California for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon).

We happened to get there on little Sammys birthday!

January 20th was the Tinkerbell Half Marathon.  This race was especially cool for me because Braiden trained and ran it with me...well, he ran with me until about mile 9 where he got bored...and ran ahead. We carpooled to California with Whitney and Ashton as well as some of Ashtons family who also ran the race.  It was really fun hanging out with those guys.

The race started at 5:30am which required us to get up at 3:30am...ugh.  But it always ends up being worth it. Braiden got his first exposure to a Half Marathon at Disneyland with 15,000 other runners.  It was a blast!  Like the socks?

Lets just admit it...I am cheap.  I have no problem snipping online proofs as you can see because I don't want to pay $17 for 1 5x7 print.  You still get the basic idea, right??  Notice Braiden's "AWESOME" socks.

Post-race...LOVE that medal!!!

...and of course who wouldn't spend a couple days visiting the park after the race?

January favorite randoms and selfys
(notice Braidens Brace-less face)

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