Tuesday, January 01, 2013

A toast to 2012

I usually like to ring in the New Year with a post to commemorate the year that's passed.  2012 has proven itself to be a pretty good year.  We have lots of things to be grateful for and lots to look forward to in 2013.

2012 in Review:

So I am pretty sure we must have crawled under a rock last January because I don't have a shred of photographic or Facebook evidence that we did anything in January.  Well,  I know that Max was 7 months old then and we were just beginning our search for a new house to move to while recovering from the holidays and just flying low apparently.

-Finalized our plans to move to Eagle Mountain in April.
-Started planning for the move (ugh).  That is a month I would prefer to never relive.
-We threw a baby shower for Whitney.

-My brother Jonathan came home from his mission to Boston, MA.
-We took a trip out to California to see him and the rest of the family.
-Hit D-land while we were there.
-The house packing continues.

-Baby Cozette was born- FINALLY!
-We moved to Eagle Mountain from Draper on April 14th.
-I ran the Salt Lake City Half Marathon (my first since having Max!)

-Braiden enters teen-hood (13)!
-We took a weekend jaunt to Mesquite.

-I run the Utah Valley Half Marathon.
-Paige turns 7!
-We hit Las Vegas and D-land for the opening of Car Land and Max's B-day!
-Max turns 1!

-My dad visits Utah with the kids!

-I turn 35.
-Braiden starts 8th grade in his new school.
-Paige starts 2nd grade in her new school.
-Cameron starts his new pre-k program.
-Braiden starts playing for his new football team and makes the A team!
-I traded in my giant gas-guzzler for my cute little Highlander.  I love it!

-I visit Seattle and Portland for a girls trip to see Tamara and Carrie!
-Cameron turns 5!
-Max starts walking!

-I ran the Utah Half Marathon with Whitney.
-Witches night out!
-Got a long-awaited letter from someone special.

-Erickson Family Pictures!
-Eric turns the big 40!
-We celebrate  Eric's birthday with a no-kids vacation to Disneyland and he gets a surprise visit from his best friend Brett!
-Eric gets braces!
-Thanksgiving at Moms house.

-An unforgettable trip to St George for me.
-Paige's 1st dance recital at her new dance studio.
-Family pictures (with my moms kids). It had been way too long.
-Christmas festivities at our house this year.

Welcome 2013!

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