Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Night out with my WITCHES!


If I ever leave Utah, which I dont see happening soon, I will sorely miss Witches Night Out.  I was introduced to this event last year by some good lady-friends and we are trying to make this a yearly tradition but 3 out of the usual 7 that normally go are pregnant/ miserable and another had other unbreakable plans so it was down to 3 of us.  Nonetheless, we got dolled up, stayed out way too late, and had a blast!

~Me, Becky and Jessi all dressed up in our witchy best~

My favorite part about getting dressed up...the eyelashes.  I love them.  I would wear them every day if I didnt know that I would get some strange looks from people.

Up the street from Gardners Village there is a row of flag poles that we just cant seem to resist swinging on.  Some people were just meant to dance on a pole. Me...not so much.

Like I, not so much.

...and the shenanigans continue.  No we are not dead or passed out in random places.  Ever heard of planking?  I must say I thought it sounded dumb but really it was hilarious.

Am I a sexy WITCH or what?

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