Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Maternity pics? NEVER!

Maternity Pics?  Never! 
That was what I have said for each of my pregnancies but as this one draws closer to the end and I feel fairly positive that this will be the last one, the nostalgic side of me decided that it would be totally appropriate for me to document this pregnancy and get some maternity photos done.

This was not taken lightly, I might add... I did lots of research to decided what I really
wanted out of my session and what I absolutely DID NOT want.
I have seen some pretty embarassing prego pics of people in the past and definitely was not about to humiliate myself by showing waaaaaaaaaay too much of me.  I did get a little brave and showed some extremely tasteful and airbrushed belly but that was the extent of it.  For the rest of them I was just going for the traditional, relaxed and totally comfortable look (which I definitely was not, but you get it).

So here is me, 36 weeks pregnant with our last son, Max Jay Erickson.



Whitney Parry said...

Totally cute!! I do love them!

just another girl said...