Monday, December 20, 2010

November 2010 Recap

November was a month for slacking in the blog department so here is the quick November recap:

Not sure if I mentioned it but Braiden started playing tackle football this year for the Ute Conference Youth Football League.  Yes, I said Ute.  Its ok, we are still BYU fans.  Their basic purpose is to train up youngins to play high school football so assuming we still live the same place when Braiden goes to high school, he would be playing for the Jordan Beetdiggers of Jordan High School. To our slight surprise, Braiden wowed the coaches at his try-outs and made the "A"team of the Jordan Beetdigger Mighty Mites.  That was a day of joy and jubilation for Braiden and a day of fear and trepidation for me.  Heaven knows I am proud of the kid. I know he has a talent and potential that needs fostering, but am I football mom material??  Yikes!!

Well, thank my lucky stars that he played with other boys in our ward and one of his coaches is our Bishop so I was given more help than I ever deserved in getting him to 3x/week practices and weekly games.  On top of that, Braiden did great, continued to impress his coaches, learned a ton AND did really well in school all at the same time!  Yeah for Braiden!!  Go 64!!  It made me NOT hate football and actually I have to give myself a little pat on the back for actually learning a bit about the game.  I figure if I am going to be a pro-mom, I better know when to cheer, right? 
 As well as the season went, however, I was singing hallelujah when the end of the season came.  Enough is enough.  I will be re-charged by the time next season comes.
Braiden's Biggest fans are his little brother and sisters.  They love watching him play.  Cameron already has a plan for his football career.
Wigington #64

Family night consisting of Twister and Caramel Apples.  Who could ask for more??

November 19th, 2010
Eric celebrates his 38th year on earth!

A tradition that we have maintained since the kids were old enough on Eric's birthday:  We let the kids pick the flavor, frosting and decor for a birthday cake that they get to make for him.  They have grown to look forward to this every year and Eric is always excited to see what they thought of.  This year was all about marshmallows and sprinkles...ew. 
I think that look is saying, "Oh, heaven help me not to enter a diabetic coma if I eat this."

Thanksgiving 2010

This year Thanksgiving was hosted at my house (Pot Luck style, of course). 

We were graced with a bit of a snow storm right before Thanksgiving.  This is the view from my front door.

Nothing much else happened in November...Oh! Except for our announcement of another little Erickson coming soon.  June 2011 to be exact.  Stay tuned for updates!

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