Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Welcome Home Baby Boy!

McCoy David Watson
May 16, 2010
6 lbs. 12oz
18in long

After a long labor and some complications, my sister-in-law, Jenice had a c-section and delivered this handsome little guy.  He is wearing oxygen in the picture but at this time he is off of the oxygen and breathing very well.
Its so exciting to watch my siblings become parents.  Until now only Bonnie and I have had any kids and it was starting to get a little boring...OK just kidding.  Watching the family grow is never boring but it was definitely time for someone else to start bearing the grandchildren.

Ben and Jenice are doing well and are very excited to get home and start loving on this little guy.

Congrats Ben and Jenice

Welcome Home McCoy!

~The anxious Daddy Ben waiting to go into the OR with Jenice~

~Jenice having some "Skin to Skin" time with her New Love~

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Ronda said...

Tell them congratulations for us! Glad to hear the little bundle of boy is doing well.

Nate and Ronda