Saturday, March 20, 2010

Paige's Big Night

Valentines Day this year was a special one for Paigey. Our gym, Lifetime Fitness did a Daddy/ Daughter Princess Ball and it was a huge hit for Paige and her Prince (Daddy). Earlier in the day the little princesses got a little pampering in the spa with a manicure and a hair-do. She was able to select her favorite Princess, which we all know is Sleeping Dooty for Paige. The pampering also included a princess tiara.
We found a Sleeping Beauty Princess dress, complete with shoes, gloves and purse. We put on a little eye shadow and lip gloss and she was swept away to the ball in the horse-drawn carriage. Ok she didn't go there in a carriage..BUT...they had a horse drawn carriage and a pumpkin carriage there giving rides to the royal couples.
The Disney Princesses were all present at the ball for picture taking and Paige and Eric danced the night away.

This was such a fun event for all these little girls and their Daddys...we will definitely be doing this again.
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