Saturday, September 01, 2007

Time to Catch up!

Ok, so I know that I have not been very good at keeping up on this blog thing but I am now inspired by my good friend Brenda to try to post SOMETHING once a week. In my shoes, my life feels boring and really I can't imagine that anyone would want to know what is going on in our lives but I realized how much I enjoy reading other people's blogs and I hope others might me interested in ours. Thanks Brenda!

So the big happening in our lives right now is that I am literally 11 days away from giving birth (I am scheduled to be induced on Sep 10th, praying to go into labor before then but seriously doubt that happening). We are having a boy (so they tell us) whose name will be Cameron Benjamin Erickson. I am so very excited and ready to take the leap into parenthood for the 3rd time. Our bishop kindly pointed out that we are now outnumbered (three of them, two of us). Well, bring it on!!

I just cannot wait to be able to see my feet again, and my ankle bones, and have a big bonfire of maternity clothes and not get heartburn after drinking water, and sleep on my stomach and NOT pee every five minutes.....Should I keep going? I love my babies, but, boy, am I ever the most miserable pregnant woman. Its a good thing Eric loves me so much. I think in many cases, such as mine, the men have the harder job in baring children...or should I say baring the wife?

So my darn camera broke like 2 months ago and I have not thought about getting a new one since I want no such machine anywhere near me right now but I think since I have a child being born in the VERY near future it may be time to splurge. So I promise, very soon, I will have pics to post that are recent.

Other cool things that have happened since the last time I posted are: 1. Braiden turned the big 8 years old and got baptized on June 2nd. Boy did that ever hit me like a ton of bricks. I have an 8 year old kid...weird. Next thing I know he'll be driving. Whoa!
2. Paige turned 2 on June 6th. We couldnt resist getting her a playhouse for the backyard and I am pretty sure that we will never have to buy her anything else ever again. Best purchase yet! And the kids all have so much fun when they are here. I even catch Eric out there every now and then. Now that's a dedicated Daddy.
3. We finally sold our gigantic gas hoggin Sequoia after having it listed for about 3 months. Yeah! Not that I dont miss our big spacious car but its sure nice to not have the huge car payment and huge gas AND insurance bill. Thank you Thank you. That is until we deside we just cant stand it anymore and buy the next gas hog. Till then!
4. Eric is finally taking the leap and studying for his CPA exam. I am all confused about the process for this weird test. But I will trust that Eric knows what the heck is going on and GITTERDUN! He likes to joke with me and say that he wants to go to law school or med school and I tell him that he'll have to have this conversation with his OTHER wife cause I am done with his going to school, for now anyway. Let's make a tiny dent in the student loans and finish the CPA and THEN we can talk about further education...:)
5. Braiden made it onto the 9 year old division in the Sparta United Soccer Association! Yeah! This was the first year he had to actually try out and I have never felt heartache like I felt when I thought I may have to tell my 8 year old that he didnt "make it" on to the team. He loves soccer and is very good but that was rough for me. Thank goodness he made it.
6. Not sure if I mentioned this before, but we finally got our basement finished back in January. Oh man is it nice to have twice the house and about 20 times the storage space. Its amazing how cramped a house can start to feel when you add people to it. Now we have a huge playroom, or should I say toyland/graveyard. Wow what a mess but I got Paige her little play kitchen and they (Braiden, Paige, Abby, and whatever neighborhood kids make their way into our house) can go in there and shut the door and make as big a mess as they want and I dont ever have to see it if I dont want to...generally I dont want to.
7. I dont know what pregnancy does to me but I have had this huge earge to just get rid of everything. If I could I would just "flush" everything out of here. So we are going through every drawer, closet, box, shelf, nook and cranny and getting rid of the junk. Planning to have a yard sale after little Mr Erickson joins us. So then I figured that since we are purging the junk we may as well create a fresh and clean pallet to work with so we are now painting the entire house. Ok not we... we hired someone to do it! That happens Monday assuming that I dont have the child that day. I am so excited to not have white walls anymore. Are you bored yet?

Well, I suppose I will stop there and let you and my fingers take a breather. Feels good to vent sometimes. Thanks and I will catch you next week!

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Brenda said...

Yeah! I love reading blogs!!! How's the paint look? How're you feeling (all things considered)? Yes you HAVE to get a camera so you can post lots and lots of pictures of your new baby boy. It's the next best thing from being there!